The day was April, 24th, 2010. The place a restaurant at the Lenoux Mall in Atlanta. The event, an special speaker lunch attended by a meaningful representation of the Lean/Kanban community. On this space/time reference, I had the most important experience of my professional life ever: It was officially announced that I have won one of the inaugural Brickell Key Awards for my recent work in applying Lean/Kanban techniques to design a technical/operational environment regarding the service-oriented business that I own in Brazil, a company called Phidelis. The award itself should be enough to remove the floor below me. But, in addition, it was given to me in a special event illuminated by a range of people which had heavy participation to form my professional values and technical skills. People whose books are in my shelf since 2003 when I have started my journey to the Agile/Lean way of work. I'm talking about an audience formed by, between others, David Anderson, Mary/Tom Poppendieck, Jean Tabaka, Joshua Kerievsky, Allan Shalloway and Don Reinertsen. An audience formed by all the new friends that I made in this community in recent years as well, with a special mention to David Anderson and Siraj Sirajuddin. Both gave me confidence to keep going considering the though challenge of communicate complex ideas in english, a language that I'm not fully proficient yet.   I have been asked to say some words and I've used the opportunity to offer the award to the Brazilian Agile Community, which have been helping me all this years, not just in the process of learning, but also to establish good partnership and friendship necessary to follow the path of change that we believe is going to create evolution in the way we do our work. Thanks a lot for everyone who was directly or indirectly related to this. I'm honored and excited to work even more in spreading the Agile/Lean/Kanban word.     Read the Official Announcement here:

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Posted on: 4/24/2010 at 6:29 PM
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